Don't buy toshiba products

Toshiba says they made a mistake but they still cannot help me..

I bought a Toshiba laptop about 9 months ago, it is still under warranty. It does not turn on at all. Warranty card states that laptop is covered in the United States, US territories, Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the only reason I used to buy Toshiba. Sent the laptop to Toshiba in Guatemala and they refuse to honor the warranty because they say that Latin America is not covered. Called customer service for about 2 hours, they said that they made a mistake in printing the warranty card and that I would have to pay to repair the laptop.

I talked to the manager and she refused to help when it is clear they are wrong. So I am putting this online so everyone sees what kind of company Toshiba really is.

I have attached the warranty card and the warranty on the side of the box for evidence.

Evidence Evidence Evidence